The dispersant FLOSPERSE is a homopolymer of acrylic acid and also the special grade is co polymer of acrylic acid and maleic acid etc with an optimized molecular weight to be used as co builder in different applications such as: liquid fabric wash, laundry additives, industrial and institutional detergents. It is supplied in liquid form and available as Acidic and neutral grades. It is also available in a spray-dried form.
SNF Name pH NVS % Viscosit, Cps M.Weight Form
FLOSPERSE 3000 7-9 42-46 100-600 4500-6500 Liquid
FLOSPERSE 3000A 2-4 47-53 100-800 4500-6500 Liquid
FLOSPERSE 5000 7-9 42-46 500-2000 6500-1000 Liquid
FLOSPERSE 10000 7-9 28-32 1000-4000 100000 Liquid/Solid
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